Anthony J Perrone CPA P.C.



                Accounting and auditing services are primarily the examination of financial statements and our opinion as independent C.P.A’s on the fairness of the presentation of the financial position and operating results.  We use a constructive approach in auditing.  For example, as a result of acquiring intimate knowledge of client’s financial and administrative problems, we often recommend improvements for more efficient operation, stronger financial structure and improved accounting and administrative controls.  Our philosophy and practice is to blend the technical, the practical and the business approach in each engagement.


                Our firm is Peer reviewed and has the necessary expertise to perform federal “Yellow Book” audits including HUD Audits and has extensive background in auditing under the current “CFR” environment.




                Consulting Services are provided by our Management Advisory Services (MAS) Department.  Our MAS Staff stands ready to serve clients in a wide range of functional areas such as accounting systems, data processing, financial controls, industrial engineering, hospitality industry studies, organization and personnel, and market and economic feasibility studies.  Our research people keep our staff abreast of all the latest developments in this vital area.  Much of this information is made available to clients.


                Our purpose is to help clients solve their management problems.  The scope of a consulting engagement is determined in large measure by the client and depends partially on the extent of participation by the client’s personnel.  Our aim is to provide “know how,” not manpower.




                One of our principal objectives in tax service is constructive and creative tax planning. The tax planning problems of the closely held corporation’s stockholders, and of corporate executives generally, is an area of our firm’s special expertise. By utilizing our extensive and constantly updated CD-ROM library, Treasury Department rulings, Congressional hearings and court opinions are constantly reviewed to maintain current tax intelligence and to get the “pulse” of coming events and our clients are updated to relevant new matters.


                Both corporate and individual tax services include the preparation of Federal and local tax returns or their review if prepared by our clients.  We work closely with each client and its tax counsel to resolve tax controversies.


                Through our tax department, our firm is always prepared to represent its clients before the taxing authorities on any disputed tax matter.




                Consulting services are available to provide our clients with the latest available hardware and software packages.  We also provide “in-house” accounting and tax planning, utilizing our own computer systems located in our North Babylon office.




                Our firm possesses an extensive background in all aspects of the real estate industry. We have special expertise in the syndication and conversion of residential cooperative housing projects and intimate knowledge of the special problems encountered by residential housing corporations in the current housing market. The firm has specialized in the accounting problems of the real estate industry since its inception. Our Firm is also currently auditing FHA approved mortgage lenders.




                Our firm is currently performing Certified Financial Statement Audits on many not-for-profits, including cooperative extensions, chambers of commerce, foundations, homeless shelters, transitional settings, and residential co-ops.  In the past, it has done work on school districts and religious organizations.




                The firm recognizes that its most important product is prompt and effective service of the highest quality. All our efforts are directed toward achieving that aim. We believe we can serve you and your clients in a completely satisfactory manner. The highest level of skills available in our firm would be brought to bear on the servicing of your company’s needs.


                We appreciate this opportunity to present our firm for your consideration and would be pleased to furnish additional information or meet with the officers or directors or your company and its clients.